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I specialize in comic books, digital illustrations, storyboards and concept art. I can also make logos, web banners, and Flash animation. I am here to help your vision take shape. I enjoy creating, and work hard to meet deadlines with quality results.

My Art Process

I start with rough sketches. After the best sketch is decided on, I make a more detailed penciled version. I then ink the drawing and scan the art for coloring in Photoshop / Illustrator. Then I prepare the art for print and or web use.

Personalized Comic Books

Personalized Comic Books make a wonderful gift. I've done many personalized comic books. Birthday invitations, anniversary presents, hoilday gifts. reunion books. One client highlighted the major milestones in a loved one's life. Another wanted a comic with inside jokes to poke fun at his old college buddies. Another made their kids super heroes, and had them help people in danger along side their favorite super hero! I'm sure they were all estatic to see themselves in a comic book, and I'm sure whoever you make a personal comic book for would be too.

Comic Books are also a great way to help pitch an idea in a fun way. Or perhaps you need to promote or market a new product, idea, or message. The possibilities are endless, and I can help make your vision come to life in a fun, interesting, and creative way.

Turn-around time for making Comic Books depend on many factors and do take time. Please ask me any questions and I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

Sequencial Art / Comic Pages

Pages / Panels which help tell a story or convey an idea with multiple images.

Digitally Colored Illustrations

Digitally Colored Illustrations ranging from a flat 2D cartoon feel, to a more rendered painterly feel.


I have done storyboards for many clients. TV commercials, indie films, movie pitches, pilots, and animations. Please let me know the amount of shots to be drawn out and whether the project is on-site so I can confirm my availability.

Flash Animation

Flash Animation is something I can provide. I'm still learning techniques so please let me know what you need and I'll let you know if it's something I can do. Samples can be found in my Flash Sample Section