Christopher Carrasco

Graphic Designer (Web | Print | E-mail Design)

Christopher Carrasco, Email Designer and Illustrator

I'm a Graphic Designer specializing in producing quality graphics for both web and print. I love designing assests and graphics for websites, applications, e-mails, and printed materials.

I have created websites for clients using HTML5, CSS3 and javaScript / jQuery, and a variety of print materials including: posters, brochures, postcards, clothing designs, large backdrops and more.

I have a B.F.A. from The School of Visual Arts and a Web Development with Open Standards certificate from Baruch College.

I live in New York City and am seeking a full-time graphic design position.

View Skill Set
  • Skills

  • HTML4 → HTML5: Advanced | 7 Years
  • Hand Coding HTML Emails: Intermediate | 2 Years
  • Mail Chimp | 4 months (create templates, send campaigns)
  • CSS(2) → CSS(3): Advanced | 7 Years
  • JavaScript / jQuery: Beginner | 1 Year
  • Responsive Design: Intermediate | 2 Years
  • PHP / mySQL: Beginner | 5 months
  • Git / Github (Writing git commands using the command-line and with GitBash)
  • Familiarity with: Bootstrap, Basic Wordpress, animating svgs with CSS3, npm, Grunt.js & ajax (parsing JSON with jQuery).
  • Software

  • Adobe Photoshop: Advanced | 10 Years
  • Adobe Illustrator: Intermediate | 5 Years
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Intermediate | 2 Years
  • Adobe InDesign: Intermiediate | 1 Year
  • Design & Illustration

  • Digital Illustration: Advanced | 10 Years
  • Print Design: Intermediate | 2 Years
  • Visual Branding: Intermediate | 1 Year
  • Image Optimization (Web & Print) | 7 years
  • Logo Design: Intermediate | 4 Years
  • Svg Creation (Illustrator): Intermediate | 1 Year

HTML E-mails

E-mails below are all hand coded using tables and nested tables. Graphics and gif animations created using Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop. Stock photos found online and manipulated to fit the project. With the exception of the Cyber Monday example, are all responsive for a mobile-friendly experience.


Small websites I designed and developed for clients. All have responsive layouts.

Signature Branding

Logos created to help clients establish or enhance a visual brand identity.

Graphic Design / Illustrations

Pieces here are made for printed material or used on websites / e-blasts. Short descriptions can be found under the clicked image

Always Learning

I enjoy learning new things, so on top of my Web Development Certificate, I continue to learn and stay up to date with Front End Design skills from:

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