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Chris Carrasco

I am an Illustrator / Comic book artist. Residing in New York City, I dedicate most of my time drawing, making art and learning new digital art techniques.

I studied Fine Art at The High School of Art and Design in NYC from 1998-2001. After graduating I attended The School of Visual Arts studying Cartooning / Illustration and recieved my BFA June of 2005.

Attending SVA allowed me to learn about comics from some of the industry's best professionals in illustration and cartooning. A few of my professors include: Walter Simonson, Tom Hart, Klaus Janson, Yuko Shimizu, Sal Amendola, Jack Harris, plus many more talented individuals.

I have worked with numerous clients during the years


North South Productions


The American Cancer Society of NYC

Jack Maley of M3 Digital

Boo-Boo Cover-Up

YoYo Lip Gloss

IVI Media

I also have done work for Voice Actor Mike-Leon Wooly (Who worked on Disney's Princess & the Frog, and Ugly Americans.)

As an ongoing personal project, I draw a comic called: The Renegades.

Other than comics and art, I enjoy learning how to play guitar, going to the movies, making people laugh, Words With Friends, X-Box Live, and going to Rock Concerts.