Chris Carrasco

Illustrator / Graphic Designs
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    Advanced | 10 years

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    Digital Illustrations
    Advanced | 10 years

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    Advanced | 8 years

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    Advanced | 6 years

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    Advanced | 6 years

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    Intermediate | 5 years

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    Intermediate | 4 years

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    Intermediate | 4 years

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    Graphic Design
    Intermediate | 4 years

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    Adobe Flash Animation
    Intermediate | 3 years

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    Intermediate | 3 years

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    Beginner | 1.5 years

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    Responsive Design
    Beginner | 1.5 years

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    Beginner | 1 Year

Graphic Designs

Bronx Zoo Samples

Flash Animations

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Made these storyboards for Walmart Sr. Architect, Eran Hammer. It was used at the
2013 Node Summit in California

Custom Carrot Seed Story


Page 1

A little boy planted a seed.

Page 2

The next day something started growing.

Page 3

It was growing fast.

Page 4

It looked like a leek.

Page 5

His mother said, "I'm afraid it's not a leek."

Page 6

His father said, "I'm afraid it's not a leek."

Page 7

His friend said, "It's not a leek."

Page 8

Industry experts said, "It's not a leek. It must be some native flower."

Page 9

Every day the little boy measured the leek.

Page 10

He took pictures of it.

Page 11

He examined it closely, looking for bugs.

Page 12

The leek was still growing.

Page 13

Everyone kept saying it wasn't a leek.

Page 14

So the little boy planted a few more seeds.

Page 15

And more leeks grew.

Page 16

More industry experts came to examine the plants.

Page 17

They cut one down and examined its core.

Page 18

They took measurements and performed tests.

Page 19

And they finally had to admit, it was really a leek.

Page 20

Just as the little boy had known all along.


Chris Carrasco Cartoonist Head Shot

Christopher resides in the New York City area. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from The School of Visual Arts.

He specializes in creating Digital Illustrations & Graphic Designs for both print & web.

Christopher's work can be found on various websites & on television such as
Tru Tv's Impractical Jokers.

Impractical Jokers: Adventures of Larry by Christopher Carrasco

Currently Christopher is taking Web Development courses at Baruch College to expand his artistic knowledge into websites. He is also open to full-time / part-time graphic design & front-end web design opportunities.


Jon Lovitch

Artist | Creator of Ginger Bread Lane

"I seriously enjoy working with Chris more than any artist in 20 years of doing this. He is great, fast, good work, great results, it's something else!

Had some great artists over the years who did great work, but what he's done for me is so impressive!!"

Eran Hammer-Lahav

Sr. Architect, Mobile Platform at Walmart | HapiJS Creator

"I have contacted Chris for over a dozen projects, large and small - individual cartoons, business presentations, and personal projects.

Chris is talented and responsible, never late on any project, and always delivers quality results. He never has any issues with feedback and is always happy to accommodate, putting my satisfaction first.

When I first contacted Chris, he was one of three artists commissioned to produce cartoons for my technical blog. After my initial experience with him, I've decided to work with him exclusively.

He is fast, honest, and produces beautiful results. I highly recommend him, and would be happy to provide any additional information you may need."

Donnell Riley

Content Creator/ Writer/ Producer at Suite 317 Entertainment

Venator Elite Episode 101

"I have worked with Chris for the past 4 years on many projects. He has never once let me down with his creativity or professionalism. Whenever I start a new project, whether it be film or a business venture, my preparation isn't complete until I had a chance to speak with Chris...He will always be my first choice artist."

Brandy Jans

CEO at Boo-Boo Cover-Up

"Chris was a pleasure to work with. He's very responsive and professional. We worked together and finished my project in a few days because we were able to fluidly progress throughout the project.

Another great part of working with Chris is that he has a full understanding of the technical needs to creating art files, and can communicate the differences and advantages simply and clearly to someone like me who has no design background.

He always kept me updated on his plans, and when to expect a next round of tweaks and revisions, which made me feel comfortable working with him for my first time."

Kellene Addison

"This is the first time I have worked with Chris. He was one of four artists that were contacted to create Harley. Just from his fast response and enthusiasm to create Harley we knew he would be a perfect fit.

He was VERY fast and professional. His prices were beyond fair and he had a true interest and passion about creating our character.

I look forward to many more projects in the future with Chris and will spread his name and highly recommend him for any job of this nature."

Nicole Luciani

"I commissioned Mr. Carrasco for a personal project. I was tremendously pleased with his work.

Chris took direction well--(was) efficiently able to take my words and visions, and create them into lively sketches. The project was time-sensitive. He was prompt and reliable in our communications from start to finish.

Chris is a talented, professional artist, and I would not hesitate to hire him for a future project."

Tania Guardiola

"I'm so glad I contacted Chris for my short story illustration project. I was eager to complete it. I am by no means am I a professional illustrator, or know much about the process, so my ideas for the project were merely the written short story I gave him to work with.

This was a fun project that was meant for a birthday gift for a friend. His work was not only professional but fast and it carries the needed details. Chris is easy to work with and very flexible. He takes you through every step of the project to make sure you are pleased with the work.

I was able to give him free range with the art work, and it felt as though he took each image out of my head. He read me perfectly! I HIGHLY recommend his art work as much as his work ethic and professionalism. I look forward to being able to do more projects with him in the future"

Jalissa Cruz


"It has been our pleasure working with Chris. We asked him to help our team develop a logo for our website, and he responded promptly and professionally with our every need. Our design called for something bold and expressive, and he delivered just that. He is extremely talented, and we will most certainly be using his creativity in the future!"

John J. Hartigan

M.S. Candidate SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

"I was working on a project for an invasive species educational campaign as a part of my Master's studies at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. I knew I was going to need a great deal of illustration and someone who can take my concepts and further develop them artistically. I knew Chris personally, and was familiar with his work, so choosing him was a no brainier.

Working with him was extremely easy, he was able to take my vision and bring it to life. He was quick to respond via e-mail and produced high quality work in a very short amount of time.

I presented my material in conjunction with his artwork and the total package was very well received. I have even been approached by the college newspaper about submitting portions of my project as a running expose.

I couldn't have accomplished what I did without Chris' artistic ability and vision. I look forward to working with him on similar projects in the future. If you need a solid illustrator / cartoonist / designer, with Chris, you will not be disappointed."